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In modern times such as these, nun far inland Peru, a woman accused of running a practice magic. As a result, he was burned alive to death.

Peru Attorney, Hugo Mauricio said the community group Shiringamazu Alto punish burn alive Rosa Villar Jaronca to death. According to that community, Jaronca was accused of causing pain through group because of the dark arts.

Offered from The Guardian, Thursday (29/9/2016), Prosecutor Mauricio says proof of Jaronca killed burned obtained from a recording of a mobile phone. In the video it looks, Jaronca bound in a wooden rod. A man even soaked it with gasoline, then set the other man match. API extends the body licked renta it. In the recording of sound jeritannya.

"The woman was burnt alive because the community accused him of witch," said Mauricio.

He added, the villagers were burning the poor woman's body for three days in a row to eliminate traces. However, local authorities found several bones. Mauricio said he and about 20 police officers then went to the site and come back with evidence they collect.

A book containing the consent to burn Jaronca is also found on site. Written in longhand, indicated that the majority of the villagers agree to burn it. The decision to burn the woman was also approved by the leaders of the village.

In the document that is written to the Jaronca sentence so that others don't follow the way he became a magician who makes the citizens sick.

According to Mauricio, wet forest in the heart of Peru there are 300 indigenous communities where the accusations of witch is prevalent.

In 2015, a pregnant woman accused of being a witch. The villagers also punished with blows which made her a miscarriage.

Mauricio said, a rare secluded areas with the presence of the Government so that the indigenous law, access an unattainable education to health.

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