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The term ' coffee shop ' in Indonesia is associated with warm, intimate gatherings, and close. All sorts of chat shed there, while enjoying a cup or two cups of coffee are served with a variety of ways.

Warm and intimate atmosphere that was also felt in ' other ' type stalls, a café. Any kind of chat and discussion are also actively created there.

But, not only in Indonesia, the largest coffee producer and exporter in the world after Brazil, Viet Nam, and Colombia. Citizens of Australia is also the coffee enthusiast. A number of types of specialty coffee Indonesia got a special place in the hearts of the Australia community.

Australia's Ambassador to Indonesia, Paul Grigson present in international events Memorial Day coffee. Press the Embassy issue mentioned that Australia's Ambassador to Indonesia was a connoisseur of coffee Indonesia.

"As long as I was in Indonesia, I have enjoyed coffee from all over Indonesia, coffee from the Gayo in Aceh, to the Toraja coffee from South Sulawesi, Flores and now coffee Bajawa on one of my favorite cafes in Jakarta, an anomaly," said Ambassador Grigson.

"The culture of the middle of the coffee grown in Jakarta not only makes it easier for me to get coffee but also open up more opportunities to young people to get into this business. With a lot of barista Indonesia studying in Australia, this being a mix of cultures that we can all enjoy. "

Paul Grigson not only speechless. In the event of anomalies in the opportunity Coffee Menteng on Friday (30/9/1999), the Ambassador took part preparing and preparing coffee Flores acquaintance.

In addition to observing the textures and aromas, he participated have a balanced mix between the coffee and the water seduhnya, even with the old order and process in the schedule that are measurable.

For example, the optimal water temperature, time of deposition, and the like. All for the sake of accentuate the taste of coffee is served and adjusted with acidity, aroma, as well as the thickness of each type of coffee.

According to the party's PLEASURING anomaly, coffee not only when drunk, but is done through a series of ' ritual '. Rather than directly drunk coffee enjoyment, also done by sipping slowly.

For freshly grinded coffee and brewed, strive to get rid of the SAP of coffee from the surface of the dish made with resin coating seeds scooped up floating on the surface of the drink. This is done so that the SAP is not sticking to the lining of the tongue.

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