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The first time in its history, the USA Today editorial finally voiced over the presidential election. Although not specifically asked to choose one of the candidates, but the newspaper asking voters to oppose the Donald Trump.

An editorial on Thursday, August 29, 2016, wrote an appeal against Trump. This is the first movement of the newspaper who was 34 years old. They assume that Trump is dangerous.

USA Today added, Trump had a strange attitude and cannot afford to be commander-in-Chief or Commander in Chief.

"He's also a liar also tend to be rough in every dialogue on national scale," continued the opinion of the newspaper.

"We are not the run of the issues during the campaign has been exploited by Trump, such as loss of livelihood of the working class, the excessive political correctness, set up the Supreme Court, triggering riots and violent streets, the emergence of terrorist group ISIS, jams in Washington, and the influence of the various moneyed interests," wrote USA Today editorial. " All is a source of our common concern. "

Meanwhile, the Governor of Indiana Trump cawapres, Mike Pence, quickly defended her partner on opinion in the same newspapers and loaded Thursday.

"Donald Trump has put a vision for improving the American position inside and outside the country," writes Pence.

Editorial anti-Trump was not won the support of Hillary Clinton. However, USA Today mentions that Democrat, capres, "much less likely to threaten national security or cause a constitutional crisis."

The Board urges voters to "stay true to their beliefs will be," even if that means voting for Hillary Clinton--a third-party candidate or anyone else--the origin is not a Trump.

The editorial concluded, "whatever you do, however, tolaklah of dangerous ideas. In other words, don't pick Donald Trump. "

Pence, however, disputed the idea that. He said that Hillary was the one who thus would damage the country if in the future he is so the President.

"Hillary Clinton became a symbol of why the American people put so little trust of our political leaders," writes Pence.

"More than three decades in public life, we have been accustomed to encountering some sort of leader Hillary."

He added that Hillary "representing all of the status quo in Washington DC."

USA Today is not the only media that blatantly against Donald Trump.

The Arizona Republic, The Cincinnati Enquirer and the Dallas Morning News--known as a conservative--expressed support for Hillary.

Similarly, the main stream media's Washington Post and New York Times. Even the Times clearly support Hillary in their editorial 5 days ago.

And for the first time in history length for 143 years, Detroit News, does not support the Republican party.

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