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United States presidential candidates carried the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton point fingers at his rival, Donald Trump has been violating the U.S. trade embargo imposed against Cuba.

Hillary's statement that refers to a Newsweek report mentions the company Trump quietly has been conducting business activities in the country's leadership of Raul Castro was in the 1990s.

The Newsweek report explains that the company owned property Tycoon it's funneling those funds in cash through a U.S. consulting firm.
"We have laws in this country and the efforts made to get Trump market in Cuba demonstrates that he put his business and personal interests above the law, value, as well as u.s. policy," said Hillary.

Not only this issue, but Hilary is also a concern of the Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American who bleeds is known as a proponent of Trump.

"This is something that should be their response. I mean, it is a violation of American law. I hope Trump campaign team appeared and answered a number of related questions this is because if the report is true, it really is very alarming, "said Rubio.

The report on the front page that Newsweek quotes a company profile, interview with former executives at the company's Trump, as well as the demands of the Court which accused Trump Hotels & Casino Resort sent a consultant to Havana for the sake of chasing business opportunities.

Trump called the Envoy disguise the cash he brought by making ' travel ' as if it related to a Catholic charity.

If sent by consultant firm on behalf of Trump Hotels & Casino Resort the spending dollars without permission from the land of Uncle Sam during a visit then it is deemed to have violated the Cuban embargo is still assigned to this day even though the process of normalization of relations of the two countries is underway.

Trump's Response
In the ABC program, The View, the campaign manager of the Trump, Kellyanne Conway denied that Trump had committed deeds breaking the law.

"As I understand the story, they pay the money in 1998. What is happening in 1998 hotel investment in Cuba? No, "stated Conway.

Conway further refers to the comments of the past Trump who criticized the regime of Cuba and supports the U.S. embargo policy.

In a column in The Miami Herald in 1999, Trump wrote that his opportunity for doing business in Cuba has ' ignored '.

"It will put me directly at odds with the U.S. policy has long been to isolate Fidel Castro. I have the option for a huge profit or human rights. For me, it's really not smart, "Trump wrote.

And so far there has been no further statement from the campaign team Trump.

The U.S. trade embargo against Cuba has lasted more than 50 years and during that time, u.s. citizens are prohibited from issuing money in the island nation. These sanctions can only be abolished through the approval of Congress.

In the era of the Obama administration, the relationship of the two countries entered a new chapter via the process of normalization. Some sanctions have been revoked thus allowing u.s. residents to travel to the Islands.

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