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Facebook's population exceeds all countries in the world. This is a great opportunity for business owners to market their products through Facebook.

Media promotion as it is able to reach out to all segments because Facebook users themselves already reach out to all walks of life.

How to create a Facebook account also belongs to is quite simple. If you want to promote your business through Facebook, it's good you don't just make a regular Facebook account, but add the Facebook Fan Page in your account. Here are 5 ways to make Facebook Fanspage:

1. specify the Product Classification

First, please log in to your Facebook account, then go to this URL in a new tab


Select one of the 6 available classifications:

  1. Local business or place
  2. Artist, band, or public figure
  3. Company, organization, or institution
  4. Entertainment
  5. Brand or product
  6. Cause of community

Choose the right classification, because it can help raise your ranking in searches that are related to your business. So, it is important to choose the appropriate classification.

After you select the classification, select Your Business category and write the name of your company/your trademark. Keep in mind that the category and name cannot be replaced again, so think carefully. Then select the box "I agree to these terms" Facebook page and click "get started".

2. Complete the Information

  1. Upload photos on Your Fan page, to make it look that your business is professional, choose a photo with good quality and should use the logo or image that can reflect your business because the image will appear whenever you do post, news feeds, and reply to messages from someone else's account. Use photos with size 180 x 180 pixels.
  2. You need to fill in the ' About ' page on Your Fan page. Describe your business in 2-3 sentences that are able to describe your business. If you have a website, it doesn't hurt to include also URL towards your company's website.

3. Enter Content

1.  Photo Cover
Photo cover makes Your fan page appearance more attractive. Size for the photo cover is 828x 315 pixels. If you don't have design photo cover, you can use the services of a designer maker photo cover.

2.  Do a post on Fanspage
It is important for you to know like what kind of fans you are. Knowing the kind of information and topics they like will be very beneficial to increase Your engagement with readers.

The more interesting and useful content that we post, will be the more visitors who are interested in visiting and even voluntarily share your content.

Knowing the time and type of post is right for your readers would also be very helpful.

3.  Observe Your Fanspage
After you create Your interesting Fanspage surely will make satisfaction, but don't forget that there will be visitors Fanspage You have to monitor on a regular basis. Wake up good relations with visitors such as their message and reply to comments so they can continually interact with. If the visitor satisfied, then they will make the visitors on Your more Fans page.

4. Monitor the involvement of Your Fans

It's time You assess the extent of the effort you do in marketing through Fanspage profitable.

You can visit the "Insights" tab on Your fan page to monitor the involvement of fans and your visitors.

To find out which posts get the most reach on a Facebook page, select Insights then click Reach.

Will be performing some spike that shows where postings with reach.

But you don't just rely on this information to find out where the best post

Facebook Insights Reach

To find out more about Facebook Insights, we have discussed here.

Some ways to make Facebook Fanspage above is not difficult to put into practice, isn't it? In marketing through any media, we recommend that we build relationships with our customers. The more satisfied customers or visitors to us, then they would be willing to become the promoter of our business.

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