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How to make gum stronger

How to make gum stronger - How to make a more powerful gum-gum or dental health are indeed provide an important factor in lifestyle and cannot forget the wonderful smile on everyone who sees, but oral health and provides an important factor in the cleanliness inside you.
oral hygiene very petrified prevent cavities or tooth stains, and remnants of food stuck in their teeth and mouth odors and unpleasant. It is indeed very important to own health throughout your body.

Current studies show that in addition to the problems of the mouth, the mouth is also a hotbed of bacteria and can cause various diseases in the body or mouth itself i.e. including heart disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, stroke, diabetes and kidney, oral last how scary not symptom symptom in oral hygiene that are indeed diverse diseases. women who suffer from diseases of the mouth can also indicate the incidence of diseases that steep as low weight even in infants, babies can also prematurely.

In addition to gum disease, bad breath, and other oral problems, toothache can affect those around us as well as their families at home, health and dental gum disease have a very important influence in You want to talk, chew, bite, food tasting and torn.

It's even got everyone around us can avoid You because he does not accommodate you around and socialize with you. dental nurses are indeed very expensive even hundreds of dollars and keep your oral health can save you money.

Well, I'm going to give you tips and tutorials how to simple ways to care for teeth and gums so strong and healthy from children to old age. to maintain good oral health, the first step is to become a janitor teeth and gums like a stain on the teeth, yellow teeth, Tartar and other assorted.
You should brush your teeth at least three times a day, morning and afternoon, and as good as his night after dinner and before bed, rinse your mouth each finished dinner and use mouthwash as good as him once a day let alone efficient stable and keep your money.

1. turmeric

Why, because turmeric contains or has anti – bacterial properties and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help keep gums healthy and strong and the teeth can be free of the infection of bacteria and germs that can harm the mouth.
a study in 2012 that's been published in the journal of the Indian society of periodontology find saffron in mouthwash is highly effective in preventing dental plaque and prevent gingivitis and bad breath.
How to make a mouth with saffron:

  1. Add the water a little to 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder has become to make a paste. put it right in the toothbrush with that brush a few weeks with regular
  2. next prepare the paste with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder already in the puree in advance and turmeric powder in the mix with the salt with a rate of 1/2 teaspoons and add oil in mustard. massage your gums and teeth once a day with regular.
  3. Next, you can also boil 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric into Cup that already gives water to taste and allow to cool lah gargle the mouth by using turmeric powder hard-boiled in and already it's been cold once a day on a regular basis.

2. oil pulling

oil pulling is also called as the oil swishing, the ancient medicine is already in use in ayurveda which is in use to strengthen teeth, and treat the gums and jaw teeth and also helps prevent tooth decay which caused bacteria and germs of oil pulling is very help to remove bacteria from the mouth of teeth and gums, make gums healthy and fresh and helps brighten your teeth yellow.
in 2009, according to a study to appear in the Indiana Journal of dental research, oil pulling with sesame oil benefits in the treatment of gingivitis in induction plaque.
In addition, oil pulling can detoxify and also can cleanse the body, and also good for the health of the mouth and the overall as well as the body.
How to cultivate the oil pulling to cure mouth:

  1. put 1 tablespoon of the oil in your mouth.
  2. And gargle for 20 minutes
  3. discard or spit oil right in your mouth. • avoid rinse and carefully not to swallow the oil.
  4. rinse with warm water and seamlessly use the brine to add or benefit anti microbial properties.
  5. brush your teeth us normal ones.
  6. do it this way every morning or after waking up, do it in the morning before eating or on the abdomen are empty.
  7. If you have trouble finding the oil pulling in your area, you can also replace the oil with coconut oil.

3. India purple

India purple, also called as the name Neem, has anti-viral properties of bacteria that are helpful in maintaining the health of the mouth and teeth and gums. and easily eliminate bacteria that cause cavities or cavity, tooth, plaque and gingivitis and other diseases.
In a study in 2011 which is published in the journal of periodontology, the community of Indian researchers who found that neem is effective in treating gingivitis in disease induction plaque.
How to make Indian purple medicine

  1. 2-3 milled neem leaves until into the pasta. Use this paste for brushing one's teeth in no time once a week with regular.
  2. You can also rub the neem leaves directly to your teeth and gums and when finished is to wait 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Doing it this way in order to be healthy with every day.
  3. even you can use neem tree twigs or neem to brush your teeth.

4. guava leaf

According to a study from research or published in pharmocognosy a review in 2014, guava leaves are very effective in the treatment of periodontal disease.
Guava leaves as a cure also anti plague, anti microbial, and anti-inflamsi and anti oxidants. Guava leaves also help accelerate the growth of new gear for children and can take care of your spark plugs.
Guava leaves can also help make your breath fresh and not stinky breath and also clean. The doctor recommends to use the tender leaves or tender twigs in tree Syzygium and can keep your oral health.
How to guava leaf becomes a drug:
  1. Chewing guava leaves are some of the ones already in advance already in clean wash thoroughly, and then spit out the leaves of guava.
  2. And the second way you can grind some leaves of guava leaves to her gently, and use your toothpaste and brush your teeth.
  3. And the third way is preparing 4-6 leaves boiled in guava
  4. Then wait for it to boil and pour one into 1 cup of water and let stand about 5 minutes and strain is the water and let to cool and use one as a gargle for daily and regular.

5. licorice

According to research or study in 2011 which is published by the American society's journal of natural products cheminal. licorice root at a very health helps keep teeth and gums.
Scientists are reporting that there are two dominant compound in licorice, licoricidindan licorisoflavan a. Helps kill the bacteria help care for big damage to teeth and gums. The main cause of his missing teeth in children and adults in the presence of bacteria caused large and germs.
How licorice into medicine:
  1. Use a little of the already dried licorice root or powder to your toothbrush use one regularly.
  2. You can also use soft licorice root to brush your teeth and do it daily and regularly.

6. Green tea

In research in 2012 which is published in the archives of oral biology in discover green tea as a natural product and can keep your oral health.
Natural fluoride, polyphenols. And catechins in green tea can destroy the bacteria and germs that can cause disease rot his gums or the oral cavity, teeth, and it can also make you experience bad breath.
How to make drugs from green tea.
  1. Create one drinks green tea as you make regular tea and drinking tea 3-4 cups of green tea each day to maintain your oral health is maintained, and don't mix the tea with sugar and honey to drink tea is naturally
  2. And you can find at the supermarket that sells chewing gum that is made with green tea.

7. salt

Salt can also help strengthen gums and teeth. Its antiseptic properties and anti-bacteria can also inhibit the growth of bacteria in your mouth.
How to make a cure with salt:
  1. Dissolve the salt with 1 teaspoon in a glass containing water URhangat.dan use is as a mouthwash and gargle his Sha lah use with salt once a day and regularly.
  2. And how else could prepare salt with ½ tea measure and mix the mustard oil to make a paste function of your teeth. then rinse the one with warm water. and do this every day in the morning after waking up.
8. India Gooseberry
Gooseberry India is also called by its function also keep amla your oral health. vitamin c in India gooseberry and his other nutrients can help strengthen the gums, and support the health of connective tissue, and remove the bacteria that is in your mouth and help prevent damage to your teeth and oral cavity. and eliminate the smell of your mouth.
A way for India to become a drug gooseberry mouth:
  1. The first chew was 1-2 klsm fresh fruits every day.
  2. And the second could be preparing to rinse your mouth by mixing 1 tablespoon of AMLA juice with ½ Cup of water and rinse your mouth with this way of sharing one time a day with regular.

9. Basil

How to make gum stronger

Basil is a plant with distinctive aromas and also good for the health of your mouth, well, it works as a disinfectant mouth fresheners are excellent. This plant can help destroy germs and bacteria in the mouth you are good to your oral cavity and can clean the dental plaque, breath odor and much more.
In addition, its very astringent properties help strengthen teeth and gums and make teeth be hard, so • • avoid the broken teeth.
How to make the drug on basil:
Dry the right handful fresh basil leaves to the Sun for a few days, and then make the powder from the dried Basil leaf. Use this basil leaves powder is to brush your teeth.
And his first chewing basil leaves 4 to 5 times per day.
You can also create as a basil tea, and to rinse the mouth only.
10. Peppermint.
Anti bacterial and antiseptic in paper mint also greatly help maintain oral health and keep your teeth and gums healthy always.
Also, a study of 2013 which published in the journal of the international community and prevent the community dentistry & found.
Using the drug in paper mint mouthwash can have a significant impact on the mouth smell (bad breath).

How to make a remedy with paper mint:
  1. place the leaf in paper and hand handful mint leaves, mint feedback paper in hot water for 30 minutes. Then strain the leaves and rinse your mouth with the stew was peppermint, regularly.
  2. In addition to the above, there are other way i.e. put some essential oils paper mint in a glass containing water. and then use water to rinse your mouth.

Additional Tips

  • Replace your toothbrush is already old and replace it with a new one every two to three months.
  • Use one of the free mouthwash with alcohol to make the bacteria go and die.
  • Clean your tongue with one tongue scraper every day to remove toxins and bacteria on your tongue and prevent your breath smell.
  • To prevent your oral health avoid foods high in sugar lah.
  • Do not use your teeth to open bottle caps or cutting and tearing of a body that is hard.
  • Rinse your mouth is with warm water after meals.
  • Eat the gum with sugar-free to promote health at the mouth and clean your teeth and mouth healthy jaw and producing more saliva in your mouth.
  • Cheese can help reduce cavities in the mouth and neutralizes the acids in your mouth.
  • Eat cheese can help reduce cavities such as it neutralizes the acidic plaque.
  • The inclusion of vitamin c in your mouth great for diet and mouth on you.
  • Eating is fresh fruits and vegetables such as guava, apples, carrots, and cucumber after breakfast lunch and afternoon.
  • Wear a mouth guard during sports
  • Make sure you check your teeth regularly every 6 months.

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