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How to make pink eyes quickly go quickly

 how to make , One of the disorders of the eyes which are often experienced by many people is the red eye. Red eye is not only disturbing appearance only, this condition also often interfere with a person's daily activities. Most cases show that people who are affected by the disorder of red eyes will also experience itching in the eyes, dizziness, blurred vision, and also watery eyes. That's what makes the sufferer's condition red eyes can not do his daily activities optimally.

Red eyes occur due to an inflammation of the membrane-membrane that covers the white part of the eye and membrane-membrane on the inside on the eyelids. In some cases, red eye is also caused by a virus that nature can be contagious. Therefore, a lot of people who don't want to approach someone with red eyes due to fear of contracting. However, in addition to viruses, there are many more factors that lead the eyes to become red.

Some of the symptoms that are often posed by the red eye will cause the activity disturbed and also cause discomfort in the eye, such as itching, eyesight, and also smarting eyes. Therefore, it is important, I pray for you to do a proper handling in order for red eye You get well soon. As for some of the methods, you can apply to how to eliminate red eye are:

  • Set Lighting
Lighting is one of the factors that trigger the eyes become easily tired and cause irritation. If you have a disorder of red eyes, then it's good you set the lighting of the room. Notice how the lightroom where you are now. If the light is too bright so it's good you replace the lamp with a dimmer. The light is too bright lights that will make eyes glare and make the eye more quickly tired of having forced the eye work more extras.

  • Note Your Monitor Screen
If you work all day in front of a computer screen then look at how the lighting on the screen of your monitor. If the lighting is too bright screen monitor then arrange dimmer so that your eyes are not easily tired. Berkediplah more often although sometimes you will forget this one habit. Flashing will help keep eyes moist so the red eye is not getting worse. In addition, try to ensure that you always have a rest a few minutes every hour. Too long staring at the computer screen will make your eyes sore and tired that result in progressively gets worse Your red eyes.

  • Do Not Rub The Eyes

Red eye is also often accompanied by other symptoms such as itching that isn't overpowering. However, any itching your eyes at this time, try not to let you rubbed it. Rubbing red eyes will thus aggravate the irritation. It is not impossible there are lots of germs on your hands. In addition, rubbing red eyes will also increase the allergens that get into the eye so the itchiness caused thus getting worse.

  • Using Rose Water
To give a sense of comfort in Your red eyes, you can take advantage of the natural properties of the roses. Rendamlah roses in cold water and then use the water the rose marinade to wash Your Red-eye. Cooling effect resulting from the rose water will give you a sense of comfort in the eye at the same time prevent the onset of more severe irritation.

  • Use A Cucumber
Not only is rose water that you can use to relieve red eyes. Cucumbers can also be used to give You comfort in Your red eyes. The trick puts the sliced cucumber on both eyes have been closed. Sliced cucumbers will provide a sense of cool on the eyes. In addition, you have a problem with the panda can also benefit the cucumbers to remove panda eyes in both of your eyes.

  • Reduce the time to stare at a computer screen
You are often working in front of a computer screen is very prone to irritation of eyes affected due to light the computer screen glare. Your eyes will quickly feel tired when working in front of a computer screen. Therefore, if you are having problems red eye, preferably for a while you are not working in front of a computer screen. At the very least, wait until Your red eyes really healed.

  • Use Sliced Potatoes
The next natural ingredients that can be used to relieve red-eye was sliced potatoes. Place the potato slices on top of both Your red eyes. The potato slices will provide a sense of relaxed and also relieve itching on your eyes.

  • Soft Cloth
Itching may not be unbearable at certain times. If you're feeling try don't wipe or rub the eye directly using your hands. It potentially aggravating the irritation of eyes. Preferably, use a tissue or a soft cloth to wipe my eyes itch. It would be better if you also clean the dirt on your eyes periodically using a tissue.

  • Use Warm Water
With your eyes closed, Your eyelids wash using lukewarm water. Make sure that the water you use is not too hot due to hot water will make the irritation to eyes getting worse. Wash the eyes using warm water will help remove impurities due to also relieve itching on Your red eyes.

  • Eye Drops Medications
To give a sense of comfort while relieving the itching in the eye, you can also use the help of eye drops. However, we recommend the use of eye drops is not used in excess because it may cause various side effects on your eyes.

  • Avoid Using Makeup
You may often use make-up when her daily activities. However, when you have a red eye it's good you don't use makeup, at least until the red eyes you really healed. The more mainstream again, • avoid the use of makeup in the area around the eye, such as the use of eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and so on.

  • Frequently wash your hands
The hand will be a den of germs that become an intermediary to pass various types of diseases, including red eyes. When you suffer from red eye, you should wash your hands more frequently so that various germs or bacteria that are nested in the hand can be reduced or can at least reduce the risk to be exposed to more severe eye irritation.

  • Use Of Water Decoction Of Bethel
Betel leaves, you can also take advantage of to how to remove red eye. How, boiled 4 pieces of betel leaves, then use the cold water that has been hard-boiled to wash your red-eye. water decoction of Bethel is so effective at relieving red eye because Bethel is antiseptic. Antiseptic in betel leaves can also be used to remove vaginal discharge due to fungus.

  • Use Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is a natural material that can be used to further relieve the red-eye. How to combine Aloe Vera gel with cold water. Then use a mixture of Aloe Vera gel and water to wash your red-eye. The content of Aloe on antiseptics will prevent more severe irritation. In addition, the cold sensation of Aloe Vera will give a sense of comfort while relieving hot flavors the U.S. one of the symptoms of red eye.

  • Sufficient Rest
Relieves red eyes is not enough to do a treatment from the outside only. It's good, you also need sufficient body to rest. Sleep at least 6 hours per day. Wake-up time, wipe the eye you use cold water so that the dirt and also on eye irritation can immediately subside.

  • Do Not Use Contact Lenses
Maybe you are the one who is fond of using contact lenses? If Yes, then try so that you • avoid such articles when our suffering from red eye. Using contact lenses will make the retina of the eye become noticeably drier so that red eyes will get worse.

Causes Of Red Eye

From the outside, the eyes will usually look red in the white part. This occurs because there is a part of the blood vessels in the eye who experience swelling or because the eye is experiencing irritation. Red eyes can be caused by several things, such as sores, irritations due to dust, viruses, bacteria, etc. For more details, the following will be displayed on several factors that are causing the eyes become red.

1. Conjunctivitis
Red eye is the cause of conjunctivitis is most commonly experienced by most people. This condition usually will also cause the transmission to others. Here are the things that are associated with this disease:

  1. Diseases conjunctivitis caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin layers of tissue that is covering the eyeball and also the surface of the inside of the eyelid.
  2. It causes blood vessels in the eyes to swell. As a result, the eye will be red and the US looks if it feels rough. Conjunctivitis can be caused by many different things, such as allergies, dust, and also an allergy.
  3. Conjunctivitis caused by allergies usually will attack both eyes at once and will cause itching. Conjunctivitis caused by viral infections will usually attack one of the eyes.
  4. After a few days, the second eye will also join the blush. While conjunctivitis caused by bacteria will usually cause the eye constantly removing dirt and accompanied the crust around the eyelids.

2. Dry Eye
Do you know the function of tears? Tears are produced by the gland tear is useful to provide lubricants to our eyes. The tears will be a moisturizer for eyes that can ward off various types of infection that came from shit-dirt coming into the eye area like dust.

Normally, a person's age grew moist then his eyes will also decline. Dry eye occurs when the gland is not able to produce tears of the eye fluid in sufficient amounts many or it could be because the amount of water that evaporates into the air is too much. These conditions will create dry eye and make it more easily exposed to irritants. In addition to age, dry eye can also be triggered by some specific conditions such as hot weather, windy, dry, or use contact lenses in too long a period of time, as well as inflammation of the eyelids.

3. Fatigue
An eye condition that can also cause fatigue to the eyes become red. Tired eyes are very likely to occur.4womenonly when you are working too long in front of the computer. In addition to the tired eyes, worked too long in front of a computer screen will also cause eyes smarting, dry, and also the constant watering. Usually, these conditions will also be followed by a headache and also a sense of tired. The condition occurs because the eye will very rarely blink when you work in front of a computer screen. That's the thing that makes the eye becomes dry and felt tired. To prevent this, you should take a break for a few minutes each hour, in addition to that, you can also shed eye drops to keep the eye moist.

4. The Eyes Were
The eyes of the wounded will also make it into the red. Some conditions such as accidents, carelessness, small scratches that make the cornea to blisters, had just undergone surgery, or because exposed Burns will cause the eyes to red. The condition occurs because the eye will experience a widening of the vessels in order to circulate more blood to the affected eye injuries that are useful to speed up the healing process of injuries. However, if the injury to the blood vessel hurting hardness, then happened was bleeding in the eye area. These conditions must be dealt with in a proper way, namely with handling medically.

5. Red Eye Chlamydia
Red eye Chlamydia is often found in the territory of the United States. Society in America often has it. Red eye disease is caused by a type of bacteria called bacterium Chlamydia. These bacteria can be transmitted to others through sexual contact. Generally, red eyes due to bacteria Chlamydia is suffered by people with the teenage and also adults. Red eye Chlamydia will usually be treated with tetracycline or erythromycin treatment methods.

6. Exposed To Chemical Substances
Red-eye can also be caused by exposure to chemical substances. It is not impossible when we do a daily activity, there are some chemicals that go into the area of the eyes and cause irritation. Some chemical substances that could be entered into the area of the eye and cause red eye is a range of substances, household cleaners, a variety of spray, fumes of vehicles and also smoke pollution combustion, and also materials from industrial waste. A wide variety of chemical substances will be captured by the eye and is considered a foreign substance that causes the affected eye irritation.

7. Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

A subconjunctival hemorrhage occurs when the reddish color of the light cover on a white area on the eyes. This occurs when blood vessels are very small experiencing trauma or wound and cover the white area on the eyes. The condition is usually caused by laughing or vomiting which is too strong and also when diving in the water. A subconjunctival hemorrhage usually does not take place within a long period of time. The eyes will be back fully recovered within a short period. Typically, the red eye conditions also will not interfere with vision.

That's some of the factors that can cause the eyes to red. In most cases, the red eye will cause the sight impaired and also pains. However, a variety of symptoms that led to red-eye usually depends on factors which led to red-eye occurs.

How To Prevent Red Eye

If you have red eyes cured, the next step you need to do is a precautionary measure. These important precautions to prevent red eyes coming back. Us for some of the precautions, you can do are:

  1. Reduce habits linger in front of a computer screen. Too long in front of a computer screen will make the eye quickly tired, dry, and easily exposed to irritants. Therefore, you should always take a break every hour if your job requires being always in front of the computer.
  2. Terapkanlah healthy life patterns. • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and also stop smoking. Also, • avoid cigarette smoke as it can affect the health of your eyes. In addition, the consumption of various types of foods with nutrients that are good for the eyes. Some types of foods rich in vitamin A will help maintain the health of your eyes.
  3. Enough sleep at least 6 hours per day. Enough sleep is not only useful to rejuvenate the body after a long day of activities. Sleep also can prevent eye damage. The eyes are tired after a day's activity can be recovered with sleep. Lack of sleep did not only interfere with the body's health. Lack of sleep apparently will also make your eyes more quickly tired and dry. The condition usually characterized by symptoms of eye twitch
  4. Control your allergies. This condition can usually be detected through medical examination. If you have a history of allergy to something, then it's good You • avoid contact with objects or something that makes you an allergy. This action is crucial to prevent allergic reactions getting worse on yourself.

Red Eye Symptoms
As explained earlier, the red eye symptoms usually will vary in each case, depending on the factors that trigger those red eyes. Red eye symptoms occur due to the enlargement of the blood vessels on the white part of the eye or on the eyelid. As for the symptoms that make the eyes become red is:
  1. If Red eye occurs because exposed to a bacterial infection, then in addition to red eye, other symptoms will appear normally in the form of pain in the eyes, puffy eyes, eyes pulled out of dirt-colored greenish yellow, the eyes feel sandy, glare, as well as the eyelids that feel sticky when waking up. In a severe condition, sufferers may also experience fever, headache, and also the body felt limp.
  2. On the red eye caused by viral infections, symptoms will usually be inflicted on the swollen eyelid, itching, and burning, eyes will be issuing a lot of tears, as well as the eye will produce clear dirt or whitish.
  3. Red-eyes caused by allergies will usually be accompanied by symptoms. In addition, the eye will produce tears and also the eyelids will experience swelling. The pain is usually not so noticeable or even not at all felt. A number of things that can cause eye allergies are usually the dust, pollen, and also the fur. In addition to red eye, other allergy symptoms usually will also follow such as sneezing, itchy nose, and also a sore throat.
  4. Red eye is caused by exposure to chemical substances will usually cause symptoms of watery eyes, eyes feel sore, and it also discharges the whitish-colored eyes. If Red eye occurs because of exposure to chemical substances, then usually the handling should be done medically and also rinse water use as many eyes.

So a few things associated with the red eye. Red eye indeed belongs to the health disorders that are not so serious. However, if it is not dealt with seriously these things will certainly cause disruption on any activity that You do every day. Use natural materials for how to remove red eyes You so that the side effects of chemical drugs can be avoided. However, if red eyes failed to take off so it's good you immediately do the medical examination.

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