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How To Keep A Dog From Digging

keep dogs from digging -Some dogs are born with a habit of digging up the ground for prey. Digging can be a symptom of a problem experienced by dogs. When problems in dogs are done, usually a habit of dogs to dig up the ground lost by themselves. The following five fundamental reasons why dogs love to dig into the soil and how to overcome it.

How To Keep A Dog From Digging

1. the descendants of

Some dogs are born to have a habit of digging. The dog Terriers and Dachshunds types do indeed have a natural talent for ordinary digging the ground with his paws. Due to the digging habits, both types of dogs this could be invited to hunt foxes or animals lemur commonly hide in the ground. The habit of digging it is already in the dog's DNA, making it difficult for the dog owner to stop the habit of his dog.

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Rather than banning the dog to dig, it is better to provide a place for them to dig. If a dog digging in an improper place, quickly navigate them to dig in the area that we already provides.

2. bored
often the dog was bored there dogs dug us their entertainment, improve mental health stimulation the dog. Dog type of terrier known as dog with excess energy,

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Give them some new toys that the if can reduce the level of boredom. Enter them into special training classes like agility drills and game throwing the ball. These things can divert extra energy into a better the.

3. Hide

Dogs often bury the toy or bone to be unearthed again another time. With a little effort and a little creativity, a habit of digging like this could be reduced even eliminated. How to deal with the habit of digging like this can be done with a few steps. If items are hidden is a small toy, trying to give a bigger toy. Make sure you give some toys so that your dog doesn't get bored playing with toys that it that's it. It is worth trying the toy hanging on fences or plants with low branches so that the dog can play with toys that are hung. Make sure you tie a toy with strong so that the dog is not easily carried and buried it.

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Do dogs bury food to eat in the future? If Yes, make sure your dog already feel full. When the dog feels full already they do not need to store food when hungry.

4. Cooling

For dogs that are placed outside the home, when hot weather they need cooling. By digging the ground, the dog can  in it because of the underground area tend to be cold, the area is not exposed to direct sunlight.

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How to overcome this habit by offering solutions of cooling for a dog that is providing a small pool where dogs can go into the pool to cool the body.

5. Escape

By making a hole in the yard, there are times when the dog feels secure. To avoid this it's good habits You as the owner creates a sense of safe and comfortable for the dog.

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  1. One way with playing together giving rise to a positive reaction to the dog so that there is no               desire from the dog to run.
  2. provide a special door to the dog when the dog ran away from the enemy so that his habit of               removing the dog, dig the soil in your garden

from the article I provided that is how to keep a dog from digging the ground could possibly be so knowledge you so that you can cope with your dog, and provide special places lah dogs and playing with your dog is a dog so you don't feel bored and not looking for his own game so and thank you.

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