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The Simplicity of Little Obama: Likes For Chocolate and Run in Menteng

The figure of Barack Obama who has been full time from the post of President of the United States has been educated in Indonesia. Although only 3 years, but many memories are inscribed during Obama lived in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Obama started living in Indonesia since 1967. At that time he was only 6 years old.

He originally lived in Hawaii with his grandparents, and his mother, Ann Dunham. Her mother married her stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, who was Indonesian nationally in 1965.

The old Jakarta is different from now in Obama's memories. In the past he could still see the boys playing in the fields.

"The scenery I went through, the endless chocolates and greens, the villages behind the woods, the smell of diesel oil and the smoke of wood, the men and women stepping like cranes through the fields, their faces hidden behind the wide straw hat. Little boy, wet and slippery like a beaver, sitting on the back of a stupid-faced buffalo, the boy whipping his back with a bamboo stick, "said Obama remembering the old Jakarta scene as written in his book, 'Barack Obama: Dreams from My Father 'as quoted by detikcom, Friday (06/23/2017).

In the book was Obama admitted only need 6 months to get to know Indonesia from the culture, to myths that exist. Although he had a fight with a child his age, but Obama is also known to love to share chocolate.

"I'm really remembering him for the last few weeks, I know that I'm telling Barack Obama, but I do not remember Barack is Barry.After writing about SD Besuki, I just remember Barack is Barry, my close friend," A friend of Obama's elementary school, Junino Jahja, in his book 'Tracing the Traces of Barack Obama in Jakarta: detikcom files' written Arifin Asydhad and Nurul Hidayati.

Junino is a generation over Obama. But the figure who familiarly called Barry was not lost in Junino's memory.

"I know him in Scout, then we are in Penggalang," said the man who was then Deputy Internal Control of KPK.

The breeding rate in the Scout Movement is usually 9-15 years old. Junino called Obama happy with scouting activities, including ropes and singing.

"At school, Barry often gave away the chocolate to me and my friends," Junino recalls.

Obama is a disciplined child. Incidentally Obama's stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, is a civil servant in the TNI.

"We speak Indonesian," said Junino.

In Obama's 'The Audacity of Hope' written in 2007, he described the elementary school in Menteng as a simple school. It includes children from different backgrounds of parents.

"Without the money to go to an international school like most expatriate children, I go to a local Indonesian school and run in the streets with the children of farmers, maids, tailors, and employees," Obama said.

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