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Efforts in tackling low blood things that major laing is to pay attention to a healthy diet and a healthy life pattern so you don't need to use drugs from the doctor if there is also a natural way. Here are a few ways of coping include: low blood komsumsi Multiply vegetable fats vegetable fat is one of the main sources that can help you in coping with high blood. Consume more vegetable fats recommended than mengkonsumsii leak-animal. The reason is more easy to digest vegetable fats, the risk to result in cholesterol is also small. It is recommended to consume vegetable fat that comes from nuts and wheat.

Drinking coffee is one of the natural ingredients that can help to overcome the blood is low. In addition, the caffeine in coffee can also help you to be more fresh. Cut down on sugar and alcohol to consume too much sugar and alcohol can raise your blood pressure. An increase in sudden tensi can cause side effects that are quite dangerous like Berkunang-kunang, acute, even up to the giddy swoon. Besides sugar and alcohol also have a negative impact for you i.e. can cause diabetes and disorders of the nervous system.

Expand the consumption of white water white water is believed to be a natural oabat to tackle various diseases like blood is low. Konsumsilah white water for a minimum of 8 glasses per day. White also serves as a water Detox to get rid of the toxins in your body. Try to sit down slowly when wake from sleep if you have low blood pressure acutely remember this. This is done to prevent dizziness, berkunang-kunang you do not even fall. Avoid taking a bath with hot water and a spa too long for those who have low blood should restrict to shower with hot water, as this will cause your blood pressure to fall. If you do a spa or sauna then the position you sit in a stable and not slippery.
 Pointless to anticipate if you suddenly feel dizzy. Regular exercise regular exercise is one of the keys to healthy life patterns. With the sport on a regular basis can prevent you from low blood pressure. Avoid lifting weights that are too heavy for people who have low blood, lifting weights that are too heavy can be fatal because it can cause dizziness and berkunang-kunang.

 Sleep quality of people suffering from low blood tend to be more in need of a lot of energy to fill the rest. Therefore try to rest and sleep 8 hours per day. Monitor your blood pressure Monitorlah blood pressure regularly. In addition, due to the low blood is reduced blood flow through the veins and arteries. If the body is deficient blood supply and oxygen then the body organs will not work properly. When blood pressure very rendang then will allow the occurrence of heart attacks.
Some of the food to be consumed low blood: 

1. Nuts nuts can be digested slowly by the body and can raise blood pressure. Types of legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, green beans, peas,. 

2. Spinach Spinach contains rich in potassium and low in sodium.

3. Chicken meat chicken meat containing animal protein that can help improve blood pressure. 

4. Bread, cereal and Oatmeal this type of food can meet the 20% iron every day. Wheat has lots of iron deposits that can prevent you from low blood pressure. Natural remedies low blood:

1. Ingredient – spinach leaves 250 grams – Palm sugar 10 grams – Chili 10 grams – tamarind – 5 grams of onion 50 g – 7 grams of Salt or to taste how to Boil all the ingredients then spinach do not be too soft. Use as a side dish at any lunch. 
2. Ingredients – chicken broth 1 cup – egg yolk free-range chicken – salt to taste how to mix all ingredients in 1 glass of water chicken broth, then drink 1 time a day. This herb also you can use as a natural cure low blood. 
May be useful for you. can a shower if less blood, less blood sugar shower is allowed.

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