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Millions of Android Devices Infected with Viruses?

Android users should be more careful after security researchers recognize a new virus that is now suspected to have been downloaded up to two million times.

Quoting The Sun, known virus named Falseguide was hidden in a number of apps in the Google Play Store, the official store where Android users download the application.

The virus is hidden in various popular game guides applications. When someone downloads the app, their phone is infected automatically.

Recently, a group of Russian hackers who are behind the virus are trying to develop a botnet. The botnet allows infected devices, controlled by cyber criminals to hack websites and other targets.

Falseguide is used to raise money with adware, which profits by infecting mobile phones and displaying various types of unwanted advertisements. But this virus can evolve and allow criminals to take over the phone and use the data in it as a weapon to threaten the owner.

"FalseGuide creates a botnet on a mobile phone that has been infected with a virus for adware, which is a group of hacker-controlled devices without the owner's knowledge," said security firm Checkpoint.

Checkpoint also added that virus-infected applications have been uploaded on the Google Play Store since at least November 2016. That is, the perpetrators have successfully performed the action for the last five months. Moreover, the number of downloads was quite a lot.

Head of Mobile Thread and Security at AVG Nikolaos Chrysaidos said, "Now, cyber criminals behind these threats are only interested in making money through advertising, but these threats could turn out to be more sophisticated in the future"

He added, along with the number of infected phones, the group behind the virus can send a message to target the device and ordered the victim's phone to download more harmful viruses.

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