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Sleep is a natural break conditions experienced by humans and other animals that are very important for health. Every human being needs time to bed more or less about a third of his life-time or approximately 6-8 hours a day. Sometimes there are just people who sleep less than specified should be. Then what happens if the risk of such things done? Here's the explanation:

1. Impaired ability of Learning for students and student or all people are running is undergoing a course of study then the lack of sleep can cause a lack of cognitive ability. This is because lack of sleep will make the brain less concentration, can not have a good memory, can not use the reason well and it's hard to find a solution to the problem. For a person who is undergoing a study then you may cause complex as the delay of graduation and a decrease in achievement. Sleep can make the brain undergoes processes such as increasing the strength of the memory and store the memory.

2. Depression lack of sleep due to various reasons can also cause a very severe depression. This most often occurs in people who have customs only sleeping for less than six hours per day. The most frequent symptoms in the find is like excessive anxiety, become more sensitive, irritability and a less healthy body condition. Depression can cause many types of illnesses including heart and cancer.

3. Heart disease Cardiovascular System essentially works quite well in accordance with the condition of the body. If you have absolutely no heart disorders or symptoms of heart disease, then the habit of sleep deprivation can cause heart problems. This is because the system of blood vessels and the strength of the heart when pumping blood can not run well. Some of the most commonly occurring disorders is like a heart attack, heart failure, heart rate that is too fast and irregular heart rate. A heart condition is not good, too, can increase the risk of other diseases. So sleep enough would reduce the risk of health problems in the heart.

4. Impaired Mental functions of mental Function is very important to make the body and brain can work well. Sleep will help control mental functions so that it can prevent depression, disorders of mind and feeling depressed. So if lack of sleep then exposed potential mental disorders will also be higher. This condition often marked by a lack of concentration, easy emotion and irritability. If it happens in people who work then could cause interference on the job.

5. The death of Death could occur when the body has experienced a very complex disorder. Complications of disease due to lack of sleep such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, and diabetes can lead to death. Lack of sleep disorder will usually accumulate in time though in the early stages often causes the body to become weaker.

 So it is better to get enough sleep so that your body can rest properly. That's the fifth risk if you don't sleep during 6-8 hours a day who have auto summary author, hopefully with the publication of this article, readers are becoming more careful in keeping the hours of sleep and sleep 6-8 hours in one day. Thanks.

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