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Sensitive skin is indeed very tidaknyaman, it sometimes can make us despair. sensitive skin is not comfortable making, sometimes there are reactions on the skin anywhere, especially in the hands of the legs, body and face. Well if there are already sensitir diwajah skin reactions, often making uncomfortable, consequently our own contrived hassle, then quickly – sepatlah to the doctor for a consultation so that is not the case the impact is worse. Did you know the sensitive skin can be treated with traditional medicinal plants?

Fruits are natural, sensitive skin care with herbal ingredients are very in demand because it is medically proven herbal ingredients not too bebahaya for sensitive skin. For example to cope and care for sensitive skin and acne using honey as a natural mask, buah2an (banana, Apple, aloe verra etc.) in addition to the reduced acne ingredients such materials will also make the skin becomes smooth, soft, can lift the dead skin cells and nourish sensitive skin. Benefits of lemon juice are refreshing the skin. 

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Merutinkan melon juice drink proved to be able to control and reduce excess oil on the skin of the face, consequently jerawatpun will disappear by itself, what article?? Because of an excess of oil glands producing oil would trigger the growth of acne. Do not often touch the face due to sensitive skin prone to acne, you are advised to not often touched on the face. If you touch the pimples on the face, it will worsen the acne condition and encourage the spread of acne on the skin area to another. If it feels itchy pimples, simply use a cotton swab or soft cloth to touch it. Clean your Face before going to bed. 

Sometimes when a very tired requires us not to touch the face at all, what the impact of such action? activities that are too long outside the room lead to face to interact directly with the environment. as night fell asleep is when the body rest in a long time, when the dirt – dirt still attached, then when that bacteria right works fine, this is one result of the onset of jearawat. Avoid using tone avoid toners containing alcohol, because it can make the skin becoming increasingly dry. Use the floral water such as water rose to his successor or witch hazel extract. Healthy living patterns with more often consume fruit and vegetables buahan – certainly with in balance with fiber, terdindar will make the skin from bacteria, the body would be more immune to bacteria, the consumption of the aer to taste also helps the body to stay healthy fresh and radiant, her tips from us, look forward to the next tips.

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