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Antibiotics are a miracle cure for the human race. Drugs that eradicate or suppress the growth of these bacteria, used to help the healing process of many medical conditions. Severe disease from swine flu failed to stop, almost all people would never be given a prescription from the doctor antiobiotik. Despite widespread use, antibiotics must be drunk according prescription.
Hipwee previously discussed what are the risks if we don't spend the antibiotics here. Now there's just the official announcement of the World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Organization or related antibiotics that we all know. For the first time in history, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION recently issued a list of the 12 most dangerous bacteria that are feared already can no longer be cured with antibiotics. Not intend menakuti-nakuti, WHO want to increase the vigilance of the community because a lot of bacteria that are immune to linger with the strongest antibiotics though. Why be immune? In addition because many people drink antibiotics haphazardly, the bacteria turned out to be adaptable to survive.

Therefore the WHO encouraging the start of more research for new drugs as soon as possible. List of released bacteria WHO are divided into three levels, namely: critical, high, and medium. Want to know what are the bacteria get in there? Check out Hipwee News reviews Featured &. There are 12 types of bacteria that are specified as monsters by WHO. Three of them became a priority, the most dangerous one is esteria coli children most vulnerable to diarrhea among 12 pathogens released WHO, three of which were the highest ranked most dangerous aliases. The first one is Acinetobacter, which causes a variety of diseases ranging from wound infections, blood, until the pneunomia.
The second is the Enterobacteriaceae including Esteria Coli. This bacteria that we know cause diarrhea. Although considered to be trivial, diarrhea causes the death of hundreds of thousands of children worldwide each year. The third is a family of bacteria that cause a variety of Pseudomonas infection, particularly against people who are weak and durability can be fatal when infected people who are sick. The third genus of bacteria that are already immune with various antibiotics, including Carbapenems and third-generation Cephalosporins, which are considered the best antibiotics to overcome errant bacteria.

Though not the first level sekritis, the bacteria which including high and medium in this list should be noted Frequent hand-washing to remove germs In high level there are the Genus Salmonella, one is Salmonella Typhi. These bacteria cause we know as the culprit of the disease typhus. If antibiotics do not catch fire anymore, maybe we should go back to the traditional drug like worms. Then there's also the bacteria cause diseases like gonorrhea Enterococcus faecium, premenstrual syndrome, Helicobacter pylori aurius Staphylococcus, campylobacter spp., and while in the medium level, there are a variety of causes Streptococcus Pneumoniae penyakitan associated with the respiratory tract to the brain abscess.

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Secondly there is the Haemophilus influenzae. Although his name is influenza, these bacteria cause pneumonia and meningitis more than the flu. Last is the bacteria Shigella spp. determination of this list is based on the magnitude of threats to health (including the number of fatal cases), and the level of urgency of the discovery of new antibiotics. In the United States, there are bacteria MRSA are seramnya amazing. 11. ooo people have died hence causing bacteria MRSA one of the bacteria that is resistant MRSA, infection of the skin caused by Staphylococcus bakter aurius.

 The bacteria is common in human skin and nasal cavity that is generally not dangerous. But being a danger when the bacteria in human skin and cause an infection. If not stopped, who used to attack the skin infection can attack vital organs. In America a dozen thousand men meet death due to the disease. As the name suggests Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus bacteria, this is aurius resistant to the antibiotic methicillin group. Granting excessive prescription of great importance. Most of the antibiotics make bacteria immune Antibiotics often misused Antibiotics as medicine that cannot be freely bought and sold like cough medicine there are certainly the reason. The use of antibiotics must be fully heeded. Because all too often taking the antibiotic thus result in danger. As an increasingly steep human trials of his life getting stronger, no matter the same bacteria. Continuous digempur with antibiotics make bacteria so immune. That's why, when his illness just flu and cough, antibiotics are not a drug that should be given.

The speed of ' adaptation ' bacteria this is really alarming. Therefore the WHO openly asked for enhanced research WHO WHO who usually move in silence, to prevent panic among the citizens of the world, is now openly declared an emergency to the bacteria immune antibiotics. Health experts predicted would soon hold a meeting in Berlin to discuss solutions to these issues. "We need an effective antibiotics to our health system. We must join forces to take action now for the sake of health in the future. Therefore we will be discussing the world's focus and strive to fight resistant bacteria. The first list of WHO the top priority pathogens are the main tool pendting to direct the research and creation of new antibiotics. " Said Herman Grohe, Minister Of Health Of Germany. Growing the bacteria resistant to antibiotics, meaning more and more diseases are difficult to treat. In speechnya, Bill Gates never broached the question of the possible pandemic diseases threatening the health of the world in the coming decade. Not just a deadly disease like Ebola in Africa, the disease is as simple as any flu in fact can become a dangerous outbreak. Therefore, the health of the world and we are all obliged to standby to find solutions together

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