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Definition and purpose of teaching aids in learning

Props are a tool that is very closely related to the learning process. And before we discuss the role of these teaching aids, we will first discuss the understanding of learning aids. Dala Ditsardik Ministry of Education and Culture: 1980, teaching aids are interpreted as a tool intended for teaching and learning activities and serves as a helper for teachers to clarify a concept or learning material using real examples. By understanding the meaning of teaching aids in this learning, we certainly can understand that teaching aids cannot be released in the learning process, so it is not surprising that education practitioners always present a variety of the latest innovations to produce the best variety of teaching aids for the learning process.
In general, props that are part of learning media are tools used to support the learning process in class, because it has many benefits besides facilitating understanding. This is reinforced by Djoko Iswadji, 2003 who argues that by using teaching aids, students will gain experience in daily life from a concept that is interpreted. And so that the use of learning media through these teaching aids can be successful, then in addition to having to understand the meaning of learning aids, the teacher must also know the benefits and objectives of using teaching aids for learning.
The Role of Teaching Aids in Learning
From the understanding of learning props we can understand its important role. This is because the media of the props has many benefits that can be obtained if implemented properly. The benefits of using props in the learning process include being able to motivate children to learn. Through learning aids will be more interesting, so students are more eager to take lessons. In addition, by using props abstract concepts can be presented in concrete form so that it is easier to understand.
In addition to some of the benefits above, there are several other benefits that can be obtained from the use of teaching aids, which include saving time for learning, and strengthening learning outcomes. The use of teaching aids can also make the lessons more concrete and make things difficult to understand. And if it can be used appropriately, the use of teaching aids in the learning process will be able to form habits of thinking and train students' abilities in analyzing carefully. Those are some of the benefits of teaching aids that we can obtain based on the understanding of learning aids.
What You Need To Look For In The Use Of Props
To achieve maximum results, the application of teaching aids in learning must be considered, both in terms of visual aids and the effectiveness of the functions provided. Even this has been emphasized in the sense of learning aids. And here are some things that you should pay attention to in choosing props, which are accompanied by choosing props that are in accordance with the objectives and subject matter to be taught, paying attention to the level of maturity and ability of students in using props, and choosing the right time and situation for using props.
Those are some of the things that you should pay attention to when using props as learning support media. But before that make sure you try the props that you will do before practicing it with students. This aims to see the extent to which the benefits will be received by students. Such is the understanding of learning props, hopefully useful ...
Description: the notion of teaching aids is the basis that must be understood before we use teaching aids as learning media for students.

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