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Understanding the Definition of Props According to Experts

Understanding props according to experts - Props are a syllable that is very close to us, but not everyone can understand it. When viewed from the syllables the props consist of two words namely "tools" and "visuals". These two words can be understood as real tools used to describe a theory. These props are generally very synonymous with the world of education, and are generally used as an easy and interesting method of learning.
Devinition of Teaching Aids According to Experts
In addition to the above understanding, we can also understand the meaning of teaching aids from devinisi which has been expressed by experts. Understanding props according to the first experts came from R.M Soelarko in his book entitled Audio Visual Media Communication Scientific Education Lighting, where props are defined as objects that can explain an idea and symptoms of nature. So the props are intended to facilitate absorbing learning. This opinion is reinforced by Azhar Arsyad (2001: 21) in the book Teaching system. In the book props are used as a tool in the learning process. In his opinion, Azhar also divided teaching aids into two types, namely hardware and software.
Furthermore, according to Djoko Iswadji. props are a set of concrete objects designed to help develop concepts and principles in learning. Whereas according to Sudjanan, teaching aids are interpreted as a tool that is used to educate and teach so that it is more easily understood by students. Seeing the diverse understanding of teaching aids according to experts, we can understand the importance of teaching aids, and the reason why these props play an important role in making the learning process more effective and efficient.
From several meanings of props according to experts, we can understand that the notion of props is everything or all things that can be used as a media for channeling ideas, messages or theories by stimulating thoughts, attention, feelings and the willingness of all students to try to understand and encourage effective and efficient learning processes.
Types of Props According to Experts
After we understand the meaning of props according to experts, now we turn to the types. According to Soekidjo (2003: 12) props can be divided into 3 types. Namely visual aids, audio teaching aids (sound), and audio visual teaching aids. Visual aids can be in the form of image projections, two-dimensional images such as images or 3-dimensional objects that resemble the original shape. Whereas for props in the form of audio can be in the form of recording, radio or other sound forms that can stimulate the sense of hearing. And finally audio visual which is generally displayed in the form of videos, films, and other props that involve the sense of hearing and vision.
While Ibid distinguishes teaching aids into two, namely simple props made from materials that are cheap and easy to find to provide an easy-to-understand explanation, as well as complicated or complicated props that use them require tools, such as films, slides, recordings sound, and so on. Those are some of the definitions and types of props according to experts that you can make as references, hopefully the articles related to the understanding of props according to these experts can be useful for you ...
Description: Understanding props according to experts can be understood and concluded as a tool used to facilitate understanding of a concept, idea or theory.

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