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Get to Know the Function and Use of Icloud on the iPhone Deeper

For those of you who just bought an iPhone, of course you already know Icloud, because this feature is the first feature that you must activate when you want to use an iPhone. But what is the function of Icloud on the iPhone ?? iCloud is a data storage feature so users can synchronize data such as documents, music and photos automatically without the need for cables or iTunes. iCloud is an advanced feature of MobileMe which is no longer developed by Apple vendors which is very useful for media storage, synchronization, backing up and restoring data. This feature will greatly benefit its users, because all data will be safe and no data will be lost again, because all data has been backed up automatically.
Icloud Function on Iphone
There are several advantages that you can get when using iCloud features, which include making iOS even simpler. As previously reviewed, icloud on the iPhone one of which functions to synchronize all data on the iPhone that is connected with iCloud. So you no longer need cables or supporting applications to simply share or synchronize data. Because all data will be synchronized automatically.
Another advantage of icloud on the iPhone is that it can back up automatically. With the Icloud feature on the iPhone, all data, documents, photos, music and other data contained in the iPhone can be directly processed, and updated continuously automatically, as long as the iPhone is connected to the internet network. You don't need to do anything, because the iPhone itself will backup all data and can be directly on your Macbook or other iPhone device. To move this data, you only need to select the restore menu from iCloud backup, and all data that you have backed up will immediately move to your new device. Very practical is not it ??
Another advantage of Icloud on the iPhone is the security system offered. Where through this feature combined with the features of my iPhone, Apple ID and iOS, you can protect your smartphone from the hands of ignorant thieves. Apart from that you can also lock your iPhone with an Apple ID. And with the help of the Activation lock feature, your Apple ID will be stored forever on the Apple ID server and connect to the iOS device. You can search and track the whereabouts of your iPhone, when you don't find it, with this security system, the iPhone is also automatically locked and cannot be used if the iPhone is restored through iTunes. Very safe and profitable huh?
How to use iCloud?
iCloud is a feature that you can use for free. All you have to do is register your data and have a valid Apple ID. For this free version of iCloud, a storage capacity of 5GB is provided for email, document and data back up needs. As for storing music data, photos and other applications are given unlimited capacity. But for those of you who want a larger storage space, you can upgrade iCloud with a monthly fee that is adjusted to the storage space you choose. Once you have the choice that suits your needs, then just install the iCloud feature on your favorite iPhone.
To be able to apply the iCloud feature on the iPhone, the way is not difficult. What's important is that you must have an iTunes account first. In some types of iPhones, iCloud has automatically been integrated as a replacement for MobileMe in the system preference. But for those of you who don't have this feature, you can choose the settings menu, Store. Then select automatic download, open iTunes preferences, store and activate automatic download.
After you have the iCloud feature on the iPhone, to be able to use it you must login to your iCloud account by going to the settings menu, iCloud and signing in using your Apple ID. Thus the information we can convey related to the functions and benefits of iCloud features on the iPhone, may be useful.
Description: ICloud on iPhone has a variety of functions that greatly benefit its users, because through this feature iPhone users are able to synchronize data, back up data and restore data automatically.

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