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The Best Way to Raise Baby's Weight

Lack of weight in infants is one of the most worrying issues for parents and how to raise baby's weight is often considered the best solution to get the ideal baby's weight. Basically babies are born with different weights from each other with an average of 2500-4500 grams are influenced by genetic factors, maternal health and nutritional intake received by the baby when in the womb. This condition does not need to be an excessive concern, because the most decisive is the condition and weight development of the baby after birth. To find out the ideal baby's weight, you can compare the weight with the baby's height, and if the baby's condition shows a thin category, then you can make efforts to raise the baby's weight that is good and in accordance with the rules.
Factors Cause Skinny Babies
There are several factors that affect a baby's body weight so that they tend to be thin and difficult to get fat, which among others are due to the unbalanced intake of nutrients received by the baby, due to the growth factor of the baby who is starting to enter a period of active movement or due to health problems. To prevent this, parents should pay more attention in choosing how to raise the baby's body weight to meet nutritional needs and anticipate drastic weight loss.
Ideal Baby Weight Category
Before you do how to increase baby weight, you must know the ideal baby weight category. Naturally, the weight of a baby will drop a few grams compared to body weight at birth, this is a reasonable condition that does not need to worry. And the weight will go back up 175-120 grams per week until the age of 3 months, will increase 2-fold from body weight at birth at 5 months, up to 3 times at the age of 1 year and will increase up to 4 times involved in body weight born when entering the age of 2.5 years. After knowing this category, parents are expected to always monitor the condition and increase in baby's weight.
The Best Way to Raise Baby's Weight
There are several ways you can increase your baby's weight. The first way is by giving quality breast milk. Breast milk is the best food that can meet the nutritional needs of infants. Until the age of 6 months, exclusive breastfeeding is mandatory for infants, so it is very important for mothers to maintain the quality of breast milk by consuming healthy food and avoiding stress because it will reduce the quality and quantity of breast milk.
The next way to increase baby's weight is giving regular MPASI. This you can do when the baby is 6 months old, because at this age the baby begins to need more energy and nutrients. You can give this MPASI 2-3 times a day with portions that are tailored to the needs of the baby.
Giving MPASI also cannot be done haphazardly and must be with the right composition and nutrition. Some foods that you can provide as solid foods include fruits, vegetables and meat. For its composition, you can mix team rice with side dishes in a balanced way 50:50. That's how to increase baby weight you can do, make sure you choose the right way to ensure the health of your baby.
Description: How to raise baby's weight is a way that is done to increase and maintain baby's weight until it reaches the ideal category.

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